About Alma

Alma is a professional real estate agent who represents her clients with integrity during every part of the real estate transaction, always maintaining the best interests of her clients in mind.

She sets her clients’ minds at ease, helping to explain the process, negotiate with buyers, sellers, or builders, and sell her clients’ current homes or purchase the home of their dreams.   She takes pride in getting the best results for her clients through successful negotiations.  Her past professional experience with negotiations, combined with analytical and detail-oriented abilities, has merged with the real estate world in a way that allows her to uniquely represent her clients.  Providing clients with the proper support during negotiations and marketing for the sale of their home to the right buyer allows a successful sale within their specific timeframe.

She has a deep-rooted belief that honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it.  There is no room for ulterior motives or hidden meanings, and an absence of all the bad qualities – hypocrisy, duplicity, political games and verbal superficiality.  As honesty and real integrity characterize her life, she sits on the same side of the table as her clients, and her clients always come first.  She enjoys nature and loves life.  She likes to take the best things that come in life, and when life gives lemons, She makes lemonade.  She prefers to take life by the horns, intent on becoming a “better” person instead of a “bitter” person.  Her ultimate belief is that happiness comes from within you – no one outside of us can make us happy and having a genuine relationship with God is highly important to her everyday life.

Alma grew up in Mexico and was given the opportunity to come to the United States at 15 years old to attend school in the US.  She is a proud US Citizen and a mother of four handsome boys. She has lived in Reno, NV, since 1996, and has enjoyed 26 fulfilling years of the beautiful outdoors of Nevada, taking her family camping, and going on vacation to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Additionally, if the family gets a little too adventurous, they take the family for a drive to Napa, CA, or to their favorite place in San Diego – the beach!